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Krusader-My Heart I'd Give To You
24.06.2010, 18:15
Krusader-My Heart I'd Give To You
Mahnı Sözleri:
Those yellow eyes impressed me
She seemed wide imposing
Her image, so magic, insisted to remain awake
With me, even after I fell asleep

That kiss showed me it was time to feel
For love we'd free each other
Our life, so pleasing, was like a blow from paradise
I've never felt so alive
We would get married as soon the peace returned
The flame, forever, could be burnt

Fairest charm I've ever seen
Beast and angel in harmony
In my thoughts she stole the limits between dreams and reality
Any harm the world could do
We'd together get to rout
To God I'd give my soul and
my heart I'd give to you

Oh Gwyneth, my love
Why did you leave me alone?
Pos Chorus Final
Oh Gwyneth, my love
Walk in peace on Heaven's floor
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